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Windows XP is Going Obsolete: What it Means for Your Businesses

CEC Sales - Thursday, May 30, 2013

windows xp becoming obsoleteWindows XP has been the preferred operating system for small businesses around the country for several years.  While there have been other versions of Windows released, businesses have not upgraded as quickly as Microsoft may have liked.  Outsourced IT companies are encouraging small business owners to understand the ramifications of not upgrading to a newer version of Windows.

End of Support

Microsoft will no longer support Windows XP after April 8, 2014.  While this may seem like a far-off date, it can take many months for companies to upgrade all of their machines to a new operating system.  Keep this in mind as you inch closer to this important April 2014 date.  An outsourced IT company can help you determine the best way to upgrade your machines with the least amount of issues for you and your company.

Security Issues

When a company stops supporting an operating system or software package it opens up the opportunity for hackers to target these systems because of the outdated software.  After April of 2014, Microsoft will no longer offer patches and security updates, which means that your company could be vulnerable to all sorts of online attacks.

Software Compatibility

If you and your company decide to continue to use Windows XP after Microsoft no longer supports the platform, you may run into software compatibility issues with other products that you use in your business.  Software companies will follow Microsoft's lead and stop offering Windows XP versions of their software soon after Microsoft ends support for Windows XP.  You may miss out on important features of your favorite software packages because of the fact that you will not be upgrading to a newer version of Windows. 

Whatever you do in terms of an operating system it is important to consult an outsourced IT company to determine the best options for your business.  They can give you an honest opinion of whether you should upgrade from Windows XP to a newer, more robust operating system.

Things to Know Before Fixing Your Computer

CEC Sales - Wednesday, May 22, 2013

tips on computer fixingIf your computer is starting to slow down and is not behaving in the way that it used to, you may need to contact one of the local IT support companies to help with your computer problems.  You do not have to be frustrated every time your computer boots.  If you contact a professional they can help you restore your computer to like-new condition.  There are several things to keep in mind before fixing your computer.

Is It Worth It?

How old is your computer?  If your computer is several years old and it will cost more than it is worth to fix it then it may be time for a new computer.  Honest IT support companies will advise you to replace your computer as opposed to repair it if the computer is over 3 or 4 years old.

Backup, Backup

Before dropping your computer off at an IT support company, it is important to backup your data if at all possible.  This way, no matter what, you will still have your important data if something were to happen to your computer.  With cloud based backup solutions, keeping a backup of all of your computer data is easier than ever.

Hire an Accredited IT Professional

When you contact one of the local IT support companies to repair your computer, make sure that the company is properly licensed and accredited.  For computer repair you should ensure that the company has a technician with an A+ certification.  The A+ certification covers general computer repair techniques that are vital for a computer repair company.

If you keep these tips in mind when hiring a computer repair company you should be able to find a professional that can repair your computer in a short amount of time for a reasonable price.  Make sure to get several quotes before deciding on an IT support company for your ailing computer.

Benefits of Cat6 Cable Over Cat5e

CEC Sales - Thursday, May 09, 2013

benefits of Cat6 cableWith the increased speeds online, companies are looking at ways to ensure that their networks are performing at peak efficiency.  To ensure high speed data transfer, cat6 cables are often used as opposed to cat 5e cables.  When comparing cat5e vs cat6 cables there are several things to keep in mind:

Increased Speed

Cat6 cable, due to how it is constructed, is twice as fast as cat5e cable.  This is due to separators within the cable that ensure that none of the pairs of wire touch which helps to increase the speed of the cat6 cable.  This is just one of the differences of cat5e versus cat6 cable.  Cat6 cable is capable of speeds up to 1 gigibit, which is much faster than standard cat5e cable.


With cat6 cable, you can rest easy knowing that your network infrastructure will be scalable as your company grows.  To fully utilize the benefits of cat6 cable, all of your network devices will need to be upgraded.  You can do this over time, but it all starts with upgrading your existing cabling to cat6.


When comparing cat5e versus cat6 cabling, it is important to realize that cat6 cable is completely backwards compatible with cat5e cabling.  This means that anywhere that you can use cat5e cable you can also use cat6 cabling.  Obviously if there is any existing cat5e cabling, you will not get the full speed benefits of cat6 cabling, but you should not run into any compatibility issues when using both cat5e and cat6 cabling.

There are many benefits of using cat6 cabling as opposed to cat5e.  If you are moving to a new office or completely upgrading your networking infrastructure, it would be wise to invest in cat6 cables instead of cat5e.  Even if all of your peripherals will not be able to utilize the increased speeds of cat6 cables, you will appreciate these capabilities when you decide to upgrade your equipment in the future.

How Computer Leasing Can Be A Great Option For A Growing Company

CEC Sales - Thursday, May 02, 2013

computer leasing benefits

As a growing company, you may be trying to determine if it is better to lease or buy computers for your business.  It can sometimes be difficult to know what the right move will be to ensure that your company will be poised for growth.  Computer leasing can offer your business several benefits over purchasing computers for all of your employees.

Keeps Equipment Current

With leasing, you have an agreement with an outsourced IT or leasing company to provide you with state of the art computers every few years.  Depending on the terms of your agreement, your company may receive new computers as often as every year.  This allows you to always have the latest technology as opposed to if you purchase the computers you will likely use them for longer and therefore they will be much more outdated.

Easier to Budget

With computer leasing, you are able to budget much easier than if you purchase your new computers all at once.  This allows for you to have a set amount that you allocate each month for computers as opposed to a lump sum payment all at once.  This can allow you to improve your cash flow significantly, which can help in other aspects of your business.

No Money Down

With many computer leasing programs, you do not have to put any money down towards the computers when you sign your agreement with an outsourced IT or leasing company.  This allows you to only have to worry about the monthly payment, which is a benefit when cash is low for your business.

Leasing versus buying computers comes down to personal preference for a business owner.  Even after looking at the benefits of leasing, some business owners prefer to purchase all of their equipment.  This is fine, but it is important to have all of the information before making a large financial decision such as replacing your computers.

Do Not Rule Out Linux-based Systems When it Comes to IT Solutions in San Jose

Netedge Production - Thursday, April 25, 2013

Many companies are afraid of Linux because of the aged user interfaces that most people think about when they refer to this operating system.  What people do not realize is that the user interfaces of many Linux distributions have been completely redesigned and offer a feature set similar to Microsoft Windows.  There are several reasons that companies should choose Linux for their IT solutions in San Jose.

Free, Free, Free

One of the greatest advantages of Linux is that it is completely free.  Linux was built by a community of developers who are committed to providing a high quality operating system for no cost to the end users.  Not only is Linux free, but also it is a full-featured operating system fit to handle any company's needs.

Complete Customization

Because Linux is completely open source, companies are able to modify the operating system to meet their needs.  Many companies have taken the standard Linux distributions and modified them to suit their needs. Companies offering IT solutions in San Jose can help you and your business choose a Linux platform that works for you.

Built On Unix

All Linux distributions are built on Unix, a powerful operating system that is used to power some of the largest companies in the world.  Unix is a rock solid platform that will prove both reliable and cost effective for any company looking to take their business to the next level.

Incredible Community

IT companies will tell you that the Linux community is simply amazing.   Should you run into any problems installing Linux or have a question about various features, there are hundreds of web sites that can help you.  There are also online forums where you can interact with other Linux users to help you unearth all of the wonderful features of this reliable operating system.

How to Use Virtualization to Save Money for Your Company

CEC Sales - Thursday, April 18, 2013

While many outsourced IT support companies may offer virtualization services, few companies actually understand the benefits of this growing technology.  Virtualization is often overlooked by small businesses, but if implemented correctly can save companies big money.  There are several advantages to virtualization which are listed below:

Energy Savings

Virtualization allows you and your company to operate more efficiently, whichmean significant savings for your company.  Virtualization allows outsourced IT support companies to setup multiple servers using a single machine, which is both cost effective and energy efficient.

Easy Provisioning of New Servers

Many companies are including virtualization in their computer services in San Jose because of the easy scalability.  As your business grows, it is easy to add new servers through virtualization.  This can be done with very little added cost which is much different than in the past where it was both expensive and labor intensive to add additional servers to your business network.

Backups Made Easy

Most of the virtualization solutions offered allow for companies to quickly restore data that has been lost due to server failure.  This makes it much easier for companies to recover from a data disaster.  Data recovery in San Jose is a serious business and more and more companies are adding virtualization to their suite of services to help with data loss.

Less Downtime

One of the most detrimental things that can happen to a company is downtime.  As servers age, they usually crash and can cause significant downtime for a growing company.  Virtualization allows companies to grow quickly and efficiently reducing downtime significantly.  With virtual servers, outsourced IT support companies can quickly provision new servers before hardware issues occur.  In the event of hardware failure, virtual servers can be launched in minutes as opposed to the hours that it could take to configure physical servers.

Is Office 365 a Good Option for My Growing Company?

Netedge Production - Thursday, April 11, 2013

It is hard to pick up a computer magazine these days without reading an article about how computing is moving to the cloud.  One of the newest cloud services on the computer scene is Office 365 from Microsoft.  This software suite offers many advantages over the desktop alternative.  Companies offering computer services in San Jose are excited about all of the wonderful features of this cloud based software product.

No Need For Backups

Because Office 365 exists completely in the cloud, you do not have to worry about backing up your data.  With the backing of Microsoft, you can be confident that your data will always be protected.  No longer do you have to worry about if you actually saved that important document – with Office 365 you know that it is saved and will exist even if your entire computer crashes.  This brings a sense of relief to companies offering who try to stress the importance of backups to their clients.

Subscription based Fees   

The traditional Microsoft Office can cost you hundreds of dollars for each license.  With Office 365 you pay a small monthly fee for each user at your company.  This can spread the cost of ownership over a longer period of time, which can help with a company's cash flow.

Email Hosting Included

Not only do you get the full suite of Office products, but you also get free email hosting included with your Office 365 subscription.  Setting up a Microsoft Exchange email server can be quite expensive for a company, so Office 365 is a great way to reduce your costs.

Free Updates

Office 365 offers free updates at all times.  No longer do you have to pay hefty fees for upgrades.  With Office 365, upgrades are done in the background completely for free!

Common Problems That Can Be Solved By a Computer Repair Specialist in San Jose

CEC Sales - Thursday, April 04, 2013

Computer repair in San Jose is no longer needed only when your computer is acting up.  There are several different things which, when you see them happen, indicate that you should begin to think about taking your computer in to a local computer repair shop.


Watch out for Viruses

Viruses can cause damage to your computer, which can be devastating.  Viruses can cause your computer to slow down and eventually completely shutdown.  There are several free virus protection options such as Avast and AVG that can help prevent your computer from becoming infected.  If you have already fallen victim to a virus, it is important to enlist the services of a company offering computer repair in San Jose.

Computer Slowdown

If your computer is starting to become sluggish, it may be time to take your computer in for repair.  Computer specialists can look over your computer to determine what is causing the slowdown.  You may need to upgrade your hard disk space or RAM, which can help speed up your computer significantly. 

Upgrades, Upgrades, Upgrades

If your computer is starting to act up, it may be time for an upgrade.  You may think that you need a new computer but if you upgrade your processor as well as your RAM you can significantly increase the speed of your computer.  This can sometimes be more economical than buying a new computer.  Ask a company offering computer repair in San Jose whether or not it makes sense to upgrade your computer or buy a brand new one.

Laptop Repair in San Jose

If your laptop is in need of repair, you should be very careful as to which company you choose to fix your machine.  Certain companies may not have the expertise needed to fix your laptop.  Common problems, which can usually be fixed, include a broken screen, broken keyboard as well as a laptop that no longer holds a charge. 

Tips To Prepare for Data Disaster At Your Company

Netedge Production - Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Preparing for data recovery in San Jose begins with investigating what puts resources at risk in the first place. Hazards result from two primary categories, natural disasters and human-induced disasters.

The next step is protection, to minimize the impact that a disaster could have on operations. Look at the data assets and how various components impact the ability of a company to operate. For example, the risk of computer services in San Jose under attack from hackers would be addressed much differently than structural integrity issues during a severe earthquake in Santa Clara County. Likewise, some data is vital to run the company, while other files are rarely accessed and can be handled in different ways.

This protection phase includes proactive steps to guard computer services in San Jose against natural and human risks. A multi-pronged approach is needed to ensure important data is never lost to a disaster brought on by mother nature or humans.

  • Redundancy: Most importantly data recovery in San Jose starts with a reliable backup plan, a cloud based strategy is often preferred due to simple maintenance on a daily basis and accessibility in a crisis.
  • Security: Protect power sources, data, and equipment from unauthorized personnel; secure components from physical danger like seismic activity.
  • Systems maintenance: keep up with software upgrades to minimize published security issues, and change passwords regularly.

Create a contingency plan should the worst occur. Who will handle your computer services in San Jose if small or large events occur? Is the crisis team available 24/7? If the IT Director is in Hawaii who gets the call? The process of restoring a deleted file is not the same as one to operate from a Silicon Valley hotel room if the whole building is inaccessible.

We understand the unique challenges of data recovery in San Jose, California. There is more than we can share on one page, but security is achievable. Contact us for best practices and professional computer services and data recovery in the California area.

If Your Company Is Moving Offices Make Sure To Hire Professional IT Company In San Jose

Netedge Production - Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Unfortunately change is a necessary evil. It's the reaction to change that sets a person apart from the crowd. If a change of office space is on the horizon, then IT solutions in San Jose are on the agenda. Companies of all sizes need to be wired to the world these days, and the center of Silicon Valley is certainly no exception.

There is enough normal work to do to keep the gears of business moving, but when a facility relocation is on the radar then locally outsourced IT support can be a lifesaver. Our project management professionals and computer technicians understand how stressful this can be to a growing company. We take the burden from those challenges to the degree that optimizes each move and those involved. There is a lot to think about, and suffice it to say, this is not our first rodeo.

We dream happy thoughts of thousand port wiring diagrams and the irony of CAT-5 cable having eight wires. We are the best choice for IT solutions in San Jose. As the tip of the iceberg, we can help with a decision on wireless connectivity; be certain that component security is in place before, during, and after the move; plan for data backups and even printer mapping. There a thousand challenges in moving a Santa Clara County business. This does not have to be one of them with outsourced IT support.

Our dream team can support internal information technology staff, take care of everything, or something in between. We are here to help maximize the success of your company. Some clients rave about us so much that they keep us on as full-time outsourced IT support in their new environment. No matter if you are looking to save money by outsourcing or growing rapidly, outsourced IT solutions in San Jose can be a huge help during a large transition such as an office move.

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