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How to Use Virtualization to Save Money for Your Company

CEC Sales - Thursday, April 18, 2013

While many outsourced IT support companies may offer virtualization services, few companies actually understand the benefits of this growing technology.  Virtualization is often overlooked by small businesses, but if implemented correctly can save companies big money.  There are several advantages to virtualization which are listed below:

Energy Savings

Virtualization allows you and your company to operate more efficiently, whichmean significant savings for your company.  Virtualization allows outsourced IT support companies to setup multiple servers using a single machine, which is both cost effective and energy efficient.

Easy Provisioning of New Servers

Many companies are including virtualization in their computer services in San Jose because of the easy scalability.  As your business grows, it is easy to add new servers through virtualization.  This can be done with very little added cost which is much different than in the past where it was both expensive and labor intensive to add additional servers to your business network.

Backups Made Easy

Most of the virtualization solutions offered allow for companies to quickly restore data that has been lost due to server failure.  This makes it much easier for companies to recover from a data disaster.  Data recovery in San Jose is a serious business and more and more companies are adding virtualization to their suite of services to help with data loss.

Less Downtime

One of the most detrimental things that can happen to a company is downtime.  As servers age, they usually crash and can cause significant downtime for a growing company.  Virtualization allows companies to grow quickly and efficiently reducing downtime significantly.  With virtual servers, outsourced IT support companies can quickly provision new servers before hardware issues occur.  In the event of hardware failure, virtual servers can be launched in minutes as opposed to the hours that it could take to configure physical servers.

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