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Things to Know Before Fixing Your Computer

CEC Sales - Wednesday, May 22, 2013

tips on computer fixingIf your computer is starting to slow down and is not behaving in the way that it used to, you may need to contact one of the local IT support companies to help with your computer problems.  You do not have to be frustrated every time your computer boots.  If you contact a professional they can help you restore your computer to like-new condition.  There are several things to keep in mind before fixing your computer.

Is It Worth It?

How old is your computer?  If your computer is several years old and it will cost more than it is worth to fix it then it may be time for a new computer.  Honest IT support companies will advise you to replace your computer as opposed to repair it if the computer is over 3 or 4 years old.

Backup, Backup

Before dropping your computer off at an IT support company, it is important to backup your data if at all possible.  This way, no matter what, you will still have your important data if something were to happen to your computer.  With cloud based backup solutions, keeping a backup of all of your computer data is easier than ever.

Hire an Accredited IT Professional

When you contact one of the local IT support companies to repair your computer, make sure that the company is properly licensed and accredited.  For computer repair you should ensure that the company has a technician with an A+ certification.  The A+ certification covers general computer repair techniques that are vital for a computer repair company.

If you keep these tips in mind when hiring a computer repair company you should be able to find a professional that can repair your computer in a short amount of time for a reasonable price.  Make sure to get several quotes before deciding on an IT support company for your ailing computer.

If Your Company Is Moving Offices Make Sure To Hire Professional IT Company In San Jose

Netedge Production - Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Unfortunately change is a necessary evil. It's the reaction to change that sets a person apart from the crowd. If a change of office space is on the horizon, then IT solutions in San Jose are on the agenda. Companies of all sizes need to be wired to the world these days, and the center of Silicon Valley is certainly no exception.

There is enough normal work to do to keep the gears of business moving, but when a facility relocation is on the radar then locally outsourced IT support can be a lifesaver. Our project management professionals and computer technicians understand how stressful this can be to a growing company. We take the burden from those challenges to the degree that optimizes each move and those involved. There is a lot to think about, and suffice it to say, this is not our first rodeo.

We dream happy thoughts of thousand port wiring diagrams and the irony of CAT-5 cable having eight wires. We are the best choice for IT solutions in San Jose. As the tip of the iceberg, we can help with a decision on wireless connectivity; be certain that component security is in place before, during, and after the move; plan for data backups and even printer mapping. There a thousand challenges in moving a Santa Clara County business. This does not have to be one of them with outsourced IT support.

Our dream team can support internal information technology staff, take care of everything, or something in between. We are here to help maximize the success of your company. Some clients rave about us so much that they keep us on as full-time outsourced IT support in their new environment. No matter if you are looking to save money by outsourcing or growing rapidly, outsourced IT solutions in San Jose can be a huge help during a large transition such as an office move.

How Help Desk Support In San Jose Can Take Your Company To The Next Level

Fred Marsh - Thursday, March 14, 2013

Going out on a limb, we are going to say that most businesses in Silicon Valley were not created merely to generate employment for a highly educated, highly compensated help desk engineer to drink coffee so an occasional email password can be recovered. Likewise, your highly educated, highly compensated team of Stanford grads should be changing the world instead of looking at a blue screen and hours of lost productivity. Help desk outsourcing overseas can't help when a cable is loose. How can a growing business get ahead in these challenging times? Local help desk support in San Jose can solve all of these problems.

Local help desk outsourcing is the answer to growing pains for both smart entrepreneurs and established firms in California. Lean management principles encourage the elimination of waste, and focus on adding value to the end user - so do we. This means focusing on business targets instead of busy work.

Help desk support in San Jose makes good business sense. When a company adds up the expense for wages, taxes, medical and other benefits, hardware, software, tools, furniture, twice the hours spent with supervisors or human resources it is clear to see that outsourcing certain tasks greatly benefits most companies.

When smart companies choose professional help desk outsourcing services, they can expect to have problems solved in a much faster way than if they were relying on an in house IT resource. Most IT support companies have hardware experts, software gurus, and project management wizards. Common services of these companies include backing up critical data, managing important security updates, monitor antivirus protection, and much more.

Local help desk support in San Jose can take your company to the next level by giving you the edge that the competition has overlooked. After all, isn't the ability to see things differently why you do what you do in the first place?

IT Outsourcing: A Smart Move

Netedge Production - Friday, February 01, 2013

IT outsourcing services from CECOutsourcing is all the rage, fueled by the popularity of books like The 4-Hour Work Week and the increasing need for business to become more “nimble” and efficient. You may have already instituted some form of outsourcing, perhaps for your HR or building management needs. But don’t forget about the very real benefits of outsourcing your current and/or future IT operations as well. These benefits include:

Professional expertise. Keeping a company’s IT systems and services running smoothly and securely is a full-time job in itself, and not an easy one. Today’s business world demands rock-solid networks, servers, security, connectivity, software and hardware performance. The level of consistency required can make internal IT a devilish sapper of time, effort and productivity. By handing those tasks over to a third party who specializes in them, you ensure top-quality attention to detail, regular updates and maintenance, and quick response to any challenges that may come up. You also slash the risk of security threats when you let us take the reigns on your network firewalls, proxies and protocols.

Controllable costs. Is IT outsourcing automatically “cheaper” than in-house IT? Not necessarily -- but it can give you much greater value for your technology dollar. For one thing, our experts can advise you on systems planning and component purchasing, thus making sure you get the products and services most likely to earn their keep in terms of efficiency and reliability. Also, an in-house IT budget may have to contend with multiple subcontractors and providers, which means that actual costs may bob up and down wildly. When you do everything through CEC, you get the services you’re contracted for at the price you expect -- and at the same time, you keep your internal IT payroll from mushrooming out of control.

Sound smart? It is!

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    - J. Padilla, Paul T. Jensen, Inc. A Professional Law Firm. San Jose, CA.