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home computer servicesAre you struggling with a variety of different computer problems at your home or office?  Is one of your computer's infected with a virus or spyware and you are not sure where to turn?  If so, you should call the professionals at CEC today to get help with any of your computer repair needs.  No matter what type of IT support you need, we are here to help!

At CEC, We Come To Your Home or Office

At Computer Experts Corp., our IT professionals can come directly to you to fix any of your computer issues.  Call our office today to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced IT consultants.  We can often offer service on the same day!

Virus Removal or Spyware Issues

Is your computer responding slowly to your every command?  If so, you may have a virus.  Viruses are becoming more prevalent as more people have high speed internet connections that make it easier for hackers to infiltrate.  At CEC, we can rid your computer of any viruses and spyware and protect you in the future.

Networking in Your Home

Do you have multiple computers in your home?  If so, you may not realize that you can network your computers together which allows you to share printers, Internet and files.  You can even use a wireless network to network all of the computers located in your home or office without traditional wiring.

Internet Security including Firewalls

Firewalls are a piece of hardware that acts as a barrier to hackers and other individuals that are attempting to access your important data.  Firewalls are used to protect both business networks as well as home networks.

Computer Upgrades

If your computer was purchased even just a few short months ago, it could now be out of date.  As technology changes, you need to make sure that your computer keeps up with the times.  At CEC, we can help you to upgrade your computer to the latest technologies at any time.  Whether you need more memory, hard disk space or processing power, we are here to help you!

Data Backup / Recovery

CEC also offers full data backup and recovery services.  We understand how important your files are to you and work hard to ensure they are never lost.  Do not put your trust in just anyone.  CEC has years of experience offering data recovery services to homeowners and business owners all over California and the surrounding areas.

Preventive Maintenance

CEC also offers a variety of maintenance services which allow you to always keep your computer in tip top shape.  Call one of our IT Support consultants today to schedule a consultation.

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"CEC has been an absolute asset to our company! After our previous IT Company had driven us to a practically non-functioning business… CEC and its team were able to quickly take the project at hand and apply various layers to our needs and complete the upgrade, while allowing us to remain a successfully functioning business."

- Z. Sarafraz, Business Manager,
eMedical Billing Management, Inc.