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Network Maintenance and Upgrades

Maintenance for your network may not seem important, but is vital to the livelihood of any company.  In today's fast paced economy everything grinds to a halt without a properly designed and implemented computer network.

Depending on whether you already have a network in place or if you are starting from scratch, your needs may be vastly different.  By hiring an IT services company you can determine the immediate needs of your company and the type of network infrastructure necessary to meet those needs.  It is important to have a proper network design in place to ensure that you have the capacity to handle network growth as your company expands in years to come.

Larger companies often need full 24/7 IT monitoring of a company's network as well as support for when issues arise.

Smaller companies can usually get by with a business network which is handled completely by a third party.  All of the maintenance and upgrades can be handled by a third party company so that you can focus on growing your business.

Network Design

CEC is a large24/ IT services company which has years of experience in the network design and implementation arenas.  When you hire a company like CEC, you will receive top notch service where our technicians will do a thorough assessment to determine exactly what you need and how best to implement any changes that are necessary to your business network.

Managed IT Services

At CEC, we are able to offer a wide variety of network services due to our extensive experience in all areas of computer networking.  Whether you need a network upgrade or have more general needs such as monitoring or even the configuration of specific network equipment such as routers, firewalls and switches, CEC can handle your needs with ease. 

With a network upgrade, you will receive a full network design which includes a specific design as well as a detailed cost estimate outlining all of the services that are necessary to take your company's network to the next level.

24/7 Monitoring and Security

Not only is the design and implentation of your network important, so is the security.  CEC can put together a robust security plan which helps to protect you from would be predators that may attack your network.  You may not think that this can happen to you, but hackers often prey on companies that do not use the services of an IT consultant. 

Let CEC handle the 24/7 monitoring of your entire company network.  We will have full secure remote access into your network and will be able to respond quickly should something compromise your network when you least expect it.  Have CEC on your side and you will no longer have to worry about protecting your network and infrastructure.   

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"Approximately 15 years ago our school was experiencing some major computer complications, so we found CEC... they promptly came out and took care of our issues. Over the years, we had some other minor work done by different companies which seemed to create more problems than they solved. So when we have some severe problems earlier this year, we called CEC again and once again were very impressed with how quickly they rescued us. Their technician was very knowledgeable and handled the job from start to finish so we didn’t have to. We highly recommend CEC for any computer service needs, and will not lose their business card this time!"

- Lynne C. Lewin, Principal, Rainbow of Knowledge School, Los Gatos, Calif.