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Planning To Move An Office – Make Sure To Cover Your IT Needs

When you are moving your office, you are likely thinking about the daunting tasks which go along with moving heavy furniture and ensuring that all of your supplies and years of paperwork make it to your new location.  What you are likely not thinking about is the fact that your computer network has to be relocated just like all of your other office furniture and equipment.  Without proper planning, an office move can be a nightmare from an IT support perspective.  Below we attempt to point out some of the IT challenges that go along with moving an office.

Help Determining What To Expect From Your Data Cabling Installer

Data Cabling InstallerWhen planning to move offices, one of the most important items to keep in mind is planning for the wiring infrastructure at your new facility.  Typically you hire a wiring installer that will go to your new office and wire all of your areas so that your computers can be quickly hooked up and have network connectivity from the start.  When choosing a vendor, make sure that you find a vendor that will do the proper research before starting on your job.  It is important to go over your current networking needs as well as any future needs that may be worth discussing during your move.  The last thing that you want to do is have to redo hundreds of feet of cabling due to infrastructure that you were not aware of when you had the initial cabling installation completed.

How to Choose Your Wiring & Network Cabling Needs

Wiring and Network CablingChoosing your network cabling needs comes down to a variety of factors.  These factors include the bandwidth availability that your network will need as well as any future needs that you foresee being an issue over the next few years, as well as your budget.  If you have all of this information then you should be ready to work with an IT support company to begin selecting and installing your network cabling in your new office.

Knowing With Type Of Cabling To Choose – What is the Difference between Cat5 and Cat5e as well as Cat6?

If you are planning for a new office, you have likely heard of Cat5, Cat5e as well as Cat6 cabling.  If you are wondering what the difference is between these three types of cable, it is merely the amount of data that can travel through the wires in these cables.  Cat6 is the newest medium and therefore offers the highest transfer rate among these three types of cable.

What is So Great About VOIP?

VOIPVOIP is a telephone service that harnesses high speed internet to provide phone services to business of all sizes.  Because VOIP uses an internet connection as opposed to a traditional phone line, costs are kept down which is great for growing businesses.  Companies that have multiple locations also benefit from various VOIP services because this technology can cut down significantly on long distance calls completed across the country of even the world.

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Below is a list of a portion of our Services: 

  • Network Cable Installation using a variety of different cables including Cat5, Cat5e and the newest, Cat6
  • Telephone installation as well as wiring if necessary
  • Design and Install of Structured Cabling
  • Installation of Fiber Optic Materials
  • Phone systems for Companies of all sizes including VOIP
  • Network Install and wiring
  • Installation of Wireless Networks and Access Points in Homes and Businesses
  • Internet Enabled Security Cameras 
  • Alarm Installation and Wiring
  • Video Cabling and Audio Cabling
  • Ethernet Speeds as High as 10 Gibabit
  • Management of Projects Small and Large
  • Data Center Provided Services
  • Roll out of IT Solutions Nationally
  • Cabling for POS Systems
  • Wiring for VOIP Systems
  • Network Design including Cabling
  • Data Cabling With an Environmental Consciousness
  • Cabling With Coax For A/V Needs
  • Cabling With Plenum
  • Business Systems With Paging Capabilities
  • Installation of All Types of Servers

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"Approximately 15 years ago our school was experiencing some major computer complications, so we found CEC... they promptly came out and took care of our issues. Over the years, we had some other minor work done by different companies which seemed to create more problems than they solved. So when we have some severe problems earlier this year, we called CEC again and once again were very impressed with how quickly they rescued us. Their technician was very knowledgeable and handled the job from start to finish so we didn’t have to. We highly recommend CEC for any computer service needs, and will not lose their business card this time!"

- Lynne C. Lewin, Principal, Rainbow of Knowledge School, Los Gatos, Calif.