Cloud Computing Services: Transforming Your Digital Future

Cloud Computing Services for Businesses of All Sizes

Cloud computing is fast becoming one of the most popular ways for businesses to move their enterprises into the 21st century. With cloud computing, companies are able to move all of their systems and software to the cloud which opens up huge opportunities for growth and flexibility. No longer are your employees chained to their desks. With computing in the cloud they can literally login from anywhere to get their work done which can be seen as a big morale boost for your company. Companies like Computer Experts Corp can help you decide whether moving to the cloud is something that can benefit your company.

Cloud Infrastructure

With a company like Computer Experts Corp., you can decide to either have your servers hosted at our data center or have us provide you with cloud storage located at your place of business. Whichever option you prefer, CEC can help to find the perfect option for your company as you migrate to the cloud..

Backup and Recovery in the Cloud

One of the biggest benefits of cloud computing is the ease with which you can have cloud backup and recovery. Having your data backed up in the cloud means that it will never be lost. Gone are the days where the tape backup stopped working and you lost everything or the external hard drive that you were using as a backup failed you at the worst possible moment. With CEC and cloud computing your data is safe no matter what!

Business Continuity in the Cloud

In almost any industry, downtime can be devastating for a business. You can not afford to have your systems down for even a few minutes, which makes moving your servers to the cloud such a great idea. With cloud computing, deploying a new server is as simple as a few clicks as opposed to deploying large physical servers which can take hours if not days. With your hardware and software in the cloud you have much more flexibility when it comes to managing your customer base and avoiding down time.

Cloud with padlock and folders on blue background

Cloud Based Email

Email servers can be some of the more complicated and high maintenance servers for an IT professional to have to manage. One way to avoid this is to host your email in the cloud. CEC offers full cloud based email hosting including Microsoft Exchange hosted servers. Get rid of the expensive software and hardware and move your email to the cloud with Computer Experts Corp!