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Keeping your small business running smoothly begins with having an efficient IT system in place. It also means knowing where to turn when you need small business IT support.

At CEC, we’re here to manage all of your small business IT services and support needs. We’re committed to getting you connected quickly so that you won’t lose revenue due to downtime. Whether it be your internet connection is down and you need it back up right away, or you need a new office set up, CEC will get out to you fast!  We understand that in business, time is money, and we value both.

Business IT Services for Small, Medium, and Start-Up Companies

Whether your company is new to the market or established and growing, CEC is here to provide business managed IT solutions that can keep you moving in the right direction. Our IT support services are efficient and convenient to meet customer needs.

We provide on-site small business managed IT services for all kinds of systems. We also provide small business remote IT solutions when issues are more time-sensitive and need to be addressed immediately.

At CEC, our professional staff members can handle business managed IT support of all kinds. From software and hardware updates to network and service administration, we take care of all of the details.

We also handle issues related to cloud services and back-ups. Our business remote IT services extend to disaster recovery repairs, too.

CEC works across all industries. We ensure that business systems are performing their best at accounting firms, healthcare facilities, and manufacturing companies, just to name a few!

Business Managed IT Solutions Offered at CEC

Whether customers call us for small business remote IT support or request an on-site visit, our technicians are ready to handle the job.

  • Network Design and Installation- Every business is different and it’s important to have a network in place that works in tandem with your unique industry demands. At CEC, we can help to design and install an efficient network system that’s tailored to your professional needs.
  • Server Selection and Installation- Inter-platform communication is key to keeping your company running well. It’s important to have the right server installed to make that happen. CEC can help you to select the right server to meet all of your business needs.
  • Network Infrastructure and Support- When a network goes down, CEC professionals get to work. We offer in-person and remote network infrastructure support to keep our customers moving forward.
  • Server Infrastructure and Support- A downed server isn’t disastrous when you know who to call. CEC technicians provide same-day server support to get you back up and running.
  • Virtualization- Our virtualization support helps companies to connect their web, mail, and application servers with ease. This service eliminates any dependency on physical hardware, as IT capabilities are distributed among users.
  • Computer Repair- Whether you’re faced with a faulty screen or glitching system, our computer repair team can fix the issue as quickly as possible. Call us for remote or in-person computer repair as soon as problems show up.
  • Data Recovery- A major data loss can be devastating to a company. For some companies, it’s enough to put them out of business within months. CEC provides data recovery support that companies can count on to access important information before it’s compromised or eliminated.
  • Back-Up and Disaster Recovery Planning- Thinking ahead is just good business. At CEC, we’re expertly trained in helping companies to put the programs in place that back-up sensitive information. We also install programs that can provide solutions in case systems crash unexpectedly.
  • IT Security – The way that your company stores sensitive information speaks to your business integrity. At CEC, we know which IT security systems work best to keep your network and servers protected at all times.
  • Email- We know how much businesses depend on their email accounts. We also know how important it is to keep those accounts secure. We provide the email configuration and security programs necessary to keep your company communicating with ease.
  • Mobile Device Configuration- No matter where in the world you may roam, it’s important that your business can come with you. Mobile device configuration is essential when you know that you need to make business happen on the go.
  • Wireless Networks- Today, more than ever before, business is done wirelessly. Let CEC help your company to keep pace by equipping your business with the wireless networks that make work more streamlined and efficient.
  • Collaboration Tools- Keeping departments and employees connected within your company is vital to creating an efficient business. It also leads to a strong company culture. CEC is proud to provide the collaboration tools that your business needs to make sure that information is shared seamlessly.
  • Business Firewalls- A vulnerable company firewall leaves your business open to potential hackers. The CEC professionals can put firewalls in place that protect business data and information that might otherwise end up in the hands of intruders.
  • Anti-Virus/Spyware – Viruses and spyware are a major threat to businesses of all sizes. When you need to keep sensitive data and programs safe from harm, having the right anti-virus and spyware programs installed on your systems is key.
  • Business Remote IT Services- When remote IT support is necessary, our team is always on-hand to help. We have the software and tools in place to remotely connect to a business computer, no matter where it’s located!

All that we require is an internet connection to provide the remote agent support our customers deserve. Many of our customers prefer remote IT support, as it saves them money that would otherwise go towards hiring in-house support professionals.
Our flexible and convenient remote services include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Adware and spyware clean-up
  • Updates
  • Temporary file clean-up
  • Virus protection and scans
  • Hard drive configuration
  • Start-up optimization
  • Remote services can be helpful to the growth of your business, no matter where your company is based.

The Benefits of Partnering with CEC

At CEC, we’re proud to provide businesses with the comprehensive line-up of IT support options they deserve. When you’re faced with business changes, hardware and software needs, or are looking to trade in old networks for something new, we have the tools and experience to get it done.

We’re only a phone call away when a system fails or disaster recovery assistance is required for your network. We’re equally equipped to handle system logistics related to office moves and expansions.

Same Day Service – We Come to You!

Our technicians will come to your office around San Jose to diagnose your problem usually within 24 hours after your call! Call our office today to schedule a time for one of our technicians to come to your office.

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No matter when IT issues happen, CEC will be there and ready with solutions. Contact us today for all of your remote and managed IT support needs!

Our service promise

No matter when IT issues happen, CEC will be there and ready with solutions. Contact us today for all of your remote and managed IT support needs!