Wireless Network: Unleashing Connectivity Without Boundaries

Why Wireless?

Wireless networks are very popular as people are looking to use their computers, tablets and mobile phones around their homes or offices. While wireless networks are easy to setup and are very convenient due to the fact that wires are not necessary, they are not always secure.

Hackers and other criminal enterprises tend to prey on wireless networks because they are easy to circumvent. Hackers are able to drive by homes and offices that are using wireless networks and hack into their networks to steal important information or contaminate computers on the network with viruses. When using a wireless network it is extremely important to use encryption to ensure that hackers are not able to have a field day on your network.

If one computer on your network is compromised by a virus, it will only be a matter of time before all of your machines are contaminated. Viruses can cause significant damage to a personal or corporate network and therefore the security of your wireless network should be taken seriously at all times.

Also when cabling is not a cost-effective network solution, or where mobility is the primary concern, our IT professionals can design a cost-effective wireless LAN solution to meet any requirement. A wireless LAN is a mobile, scalable, secure, and cost-effective network solution. It provides network access from anywhere in, or on a customer’s premises, including a warehouse, yard, or office. It can also allow the connection of a remote building in a campus environment without the high cost of trenching and cabling. And we can eliminate cabling costs to accommodate new or moving employees. A wireless LAN uses a secure wireless link without the expense of cables, switches, and routers.

At Computer Experts Corp., we design the right wireless network that is safe and secure. Also we will help you select the right products, services and support, choose vendors and suppliers, integrate new elements, and manage your wireless network. Our wireless networking solutions help you unleash the full potential of your business.

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