Mobile Solutions: Empowering Your Connectivity

The capabilities of networks for transferring data and information have changed significantly over the years. Technology has allowed companies to harness this technology to increase efficiency across the entire organization. This has resulted in significantly reduced costs for companies in a variety of areas. Years ago, a company’s network most likely consisted of a Local Area Network where as now, there are much more complicated wide area networks as well as the introduction of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.

Wired Network or Wireless? Remote Access or Local?

With the popularity of wireless internet as well as the jump in usage of mobile devices, it really is easy to stay connected to your work at all times. While this may not always be a good thing, it is convenient when you are traveling and need to access important information. Most smartphones and tablets are able to do more than many computers from just a few years ago.

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Secure Access For Remote Offices

Locations that are away from your home office need a way to connect via a secure and reliable connection. VPN or Virtual Private Networks are a great way to securely connect all of your locations.

Speed and Security

As more and more features are added to web sites and computer programs, the speed of both computers and the Internet is always a hot topic. CEC is constantly focused on utilizing the latest technologies to ensure that you are able to access your company’s important information as quickly as possible and as efficiently as possible. Not only can we help with the speed of your network, we also can help with firewall installation and maintenance as well as other intrusion detection practices to ensure that your company is always protected.

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Smartphones and Tablets

Smartphones and tablets are now becoming the fastest growing internet powered device on the market. With larger screens and faster processors, people are able to run their entire offices from their smartphones. With integrated email, calendar and instant messaging support, you truly can do almost anything that you could do from your office with your smartphone. There are a variety of models from Apple and Android which can totally revolutionize the efficiency of you and your business.

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