Network Configuration

We can provide home IT support in San Jose to get your home network up and running. Whether you need a wired or wireless network or something in between, we can do it. Are you having trouble configuring your network for working from home?

Our experience in setting up on-site network connections will have you back to work in no time.

Mobile Device Configuration

Are you having trouble with your personal or work mobile device? When you have any network, software, or app issues with your devices, our team can determine the cause and provide a solution.

We have extensive experience with every type of device available today and offer rapid maintenance and repairs.

Computer Service and Repair

When your computer isn’t running right, our home IT services can get it back into working order.

We have the tools and the expertise to repair software and hardware issues on any type of computer, along with optimization techniques that will have your computer running faster and starting up in less time than ever before.

Data Recovery

When you have a catastrophic crash, our team can help recover lost files on your PC, laptop, or other devices. To be sure you won’t lose important files, we offer ongoing backup home-managed IT services to protect your personal or business files.

The only way to be sure you won’t lose these files permanently is with a reliable backup service.

On-site Software Diagnostics

If the software you need for your work or personal use isn’t working, our home on-site IT support in San Jose can provide a solution wherever you are. We connect to your computer on-site to diagnose and solve your software problems. In addition, our team can address compatibility issues, solve problems, and provide security updates.