“CEC has been an absolute asset to our company for the past 17 years! After our previous IT Company had driven us to a practically non-functioning business…CEC and its team were able to quickly take the project at hand and apply various layers to our needs and complete the upgrade, while allowing us to remain a successfully functioning business throughout the whole process…CEC can be contacted anytime via phone or email, and a prompt, courteous, knowledgeable and user friendly response is always given and appreciated at our company. I hope that our business remains a customer for many years to come.”
Z. Sarafraz
Business Manager, eMedical Billing Management, Inc. Saratoga, CA
It’s very simple; you have a computer down, network trouble, etc. Just call Computer Experts Corp., and you will get computer anxiety relief, promptly.
Gary Engelking
DDS., San Jose, CA
Two years ago when a nasty virus disabled my computer, I picked Computer Experts Corp., from the Yellow Pages and truly hit the jackpot. Ozzie came to my home office as soon as I requested help and effectively fixed the virus problem. Since then, when faced with several complicated computer and printer problems, I naturally turned to Computer Experts. The service is always reliable, the answers to questions are clear and concise, and the technical advice is good. Computer Experts, moreover, cheerfully accommodate the client’s schedule by accepting appointments early or late in the day. In short, I have full confidence in the professional and business integrity of Computer Experts Corp.
Irma Eichhorn
Los Gatos, CA.
We are a small business that relies heavily on Internet access to communicate with our staff and clients, so a prolonged Internet disconnect affects our ability to respond to staff/clients in a timely manner. On two occasions, we needed the help of CEC to resolve our internet connection problem. Their prompt response and quick identification of the problem saved many hours of being offline. It is a great comfort to know that reliable technical support is just a phone call away.
Jane E. Swank
OTR/L Kean, Los Altos, CA
“I met Ozzie a couple of years ago when my computer broke down and I was at a loss as to what to do…I was tired of just going down to the computer store to buy yet another machine destined to break down (seemingly) in another 2-3 years. After determining that my computer was indeed “DOA,” Ozzie reminded me of the quality components he uses in his computers; parts from solid and reputable Silicon Valley companies like Intel that set the industry standard(s). At that point, I made the decision to buy a computer from CEC Computers, and I have been very satisfied with not only the product I purchased but the professional, courteous, and 100% reliable service received from Mr. Feyzi. In addition to his impressive educational background, the thing I’ve come to appreciate the most about the service and support that I’ve received from Ozzie is that every single time I’ve called for help, he’s been there, answering the call, ready to help when it’s truly needed the most. I’d personally recommend him to anyone seeking a professional, “cut-to-the-chase” approach to fixing computer problems.”
Bob Kludt
Former Lockheed Martin Senior Quality Assurance Engineer. San Martin, CA
“CEC is a real asset to our company. They are always quick to get onsite whenever an IT issue comes up. In addition, they are proactive to contact us whenever they become aware of any security or other universal IT problems. We would be out of business if our computer network was down for any substantial amount of time. CEC’s quick response and proactive maintenance has kept our computers operating 365 days a year.”
John Evans
President of John R Evans & Associates. San Jose, CA
Once any serious problem arises with my computer, CEC has been there to solve it. CEC has a rare combination of efficiency and friendliness unmatched anywhere. Before I found CEC, I suffered long delays, sometimes over an hour on the phone, because others either could not identify the problem, or referred me to someone else, Until, I was finally connected to someone in India who did manage to solve the problem, sometimes. By contrast, CEC has solved my problems quickly and effectively every time, all the while in a friendly and much appreciated manner. I heartily recommend CEC for any and all computer problems.
John Eshleman,
Monte Sereno, California
I found CEC listed in the Yellow Pages several years ago when my computer stopped functioning. I was under a tight deadline, and everyone else I had called wanted me to wait at least a week for repairs. An IT professional from CEC arrived at my home and had me up and running in less than 3 hours. I have come to rely on CEC for same day, friendly, accurate service. Their professionals go over the top to make sure everything is done exactly as it should be. I would highly recommend CEC for in home IT service as well as for business service. ”
Audrey Jane Anderson
Business student and owner, Anderson Traveling Notary, Los Altos, CA.
We happened on CEC by accident over 10 years ago. In dire need of technical help, we called several companies and CEC was the only company that called us back right away. They came out to our office that same day and took care of all of our needs. Since that fateful day, we have been loyal customers of CEC, and CEC has been a very faithful vendor. No matter what time of day we call, we get an immediate response from our technician with fast, knowledgeable and precise handling of any issues. We consider CEC to be a part of our company’s family and count on them to keep us up and running smoothly. After 10 years, they have not let us down! Great professional service, great attitude, GREAT COMPANY! Highly recommended!
J. Padilla, Paul T. Jensen,
OTR/L Kean, Los Altos, CA
As far as computers are concerned, one of the best days I’ve had was the day I was introduced to CEC. The engineers at CEC have always been available, and have always solved the technical issues we encountered. This applies to all my computers in my office as well as all my computers at my home. Rather than wasting time trying to solve issues we are not familiar with, we contact CEC at any time day or night weekdays and over the weekends and solve the problem very rapidly. I cannot give enough praise for the efforts, efficiency, and competency of CEC. They are always there for us, and we never have any fears when we hit an unusual issue with our computers.
Roger F. Reedy
President, Reedy Engineering, Inc. Campbell, CA.
Computer Experts Corp., is indeed an outstanding company. In an era of poor service and lack of professional customer relations, Ozzie Feyzi and the computer wizards of CEC stand out in their ability to respond quickly and efficiently to any problem that arises. As a small business owner with a lack of computer savvy I feel I have backup with Ozzie as part of my team, to keep things running in an orderly and up to date fashion. More than once CEC has saved my computer system from melt down and recovered important data that was essential to my business. Ozzie has been kind and patient in answering my many questions and given me great advice on what products to purchase and use. I am on my second computer system built by CEC and have purchased other components from the company. This has saved me many hours of searching for these items and much frustration in installing them. It has been a pleasure to work with CEC over the last 15 years or more and I do not hesitate to refer them to other business owners, friends and clients.
Lois Miller
owner of Garden Design Service, Redwood City, California
CEC has been taking care of my computers since January 2009. Since then I have replaced an aging IBM and a nonfunctioning HP computer with CEC desktops running on Windows 7 and linked by CEC as a local network. There have been serious cyber-attacks in these three years, but with CEC’s help extensive damage was avoided. I rely on his help in areas outside my expertise and I hope our cooperation will continue for many more years. Dr. G. Sprokel, Retired from IBM Research. San Jose, CA, I have been a CEC customer for over 5 years with Ozzie as my representative in servicing my computer. I was immediately impressed the first time I called Ozzie when I had an urgent need and he came immediately. I thought “Wow, this is customer service!” Ozzie is knowledgeable, explains the issues simply with options and provides excellent results. I can depend on him to have my computer in top running order. Thanks Ozzie and CEC.
Rosemary Napolitan
San Jose, CA
CEC has been wonderful! Every time the representative is knowledgeable, helpful, and pleasant, whether in person or over the phone. I trust and depend on CEC–truly professional and expert!
Laurel Brobst
Los Gatos, CA
Computer Experts Corp., has been great in the service they have provided to my business. They come in a get the job done in 1/3 of the time any other IT person has. They get in and out very efficient. They have always been on time and they call to let us know if they will be late.
Roger S. Kent & Associates
Los Gatos, CA
Approximately 15 years ago our school was experiencing some major computer complications, so we found CEC in the phone book and they promptly came out and took care of our issues. Over the years, we had some other minor work done by different companies which seemed to create more problems than they solved. So when we have some severe problems earlier this year, we called CEC again and once again were very impressed with how quickly they rescued us. Their technician was very knowledgeable and handled the job from start to finish so we didn’t have to. We highly recommend CEC for any computer service needs, and will not lose their business card this time!
Lynne C. Lewin
, Principal, Rainbow of Knowledge School, Los Gatos, Calif.