Do Not Rule Out Linux-based Systems When it Comes to IT Solutions in San Jose

Many companies are afraid of Linux because of the aged user interfaces that most people think about when they refer to this operating system. What people do not realize is that the user interfaces of many Linux distributions have been completely redesigned and offer a feature set similar to Microsoft Windows. There are several reasons that companies should choose Linux for their IT solutions in San Jose.

Free, Free, Free

One of the greatest advantages of Linux is that it is completely free. Linux was built by a community of developers who are committed to providing a high quality operating system for no cost to the end users. Not only is Linux free, but also it is a full-featured operating system fit to handle any company’s needs.

Complete Customization

Because Linux is completely open source, companies are able to modify the operating system to meet their needs. Many companies have taken the standard Linux distributions and modified them to suit their needs. Companies offering IT solutions in San Jose can help you and your business choose a Linux platform that works for you.

Built On Unix

All Linux distributions are built on Unix, a powerful operating system that is used to power some of the largest companies in the world. Unix is a rock solid platform that will prove both reliable and cost effective for any company looking to take their business to the next level.

Incredible Community

IT companies will tell you that the Linux community is simply amazing. Should you run into any problems installing Linux or have a question about various features, there are hundreds of web sites that can help you. There are also online forums where you can interact with other Linux users to help you unearth all of the wonderful features of this reliable operating system.


Fred Marsh

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