How Computer Leasing Can Be A Great Option For A Growing Company

As a growing company, you may be trying to determine if it is better to lease or buy computers for your business. It can sometimes be difficult to know what the right move will be to ensure that your company will be poised for growth. Computer leasing can offer your business several benefits over purchasing computers for all of your employees.

Keeps Equipment Current

With leasing, you have an agreement with an outsourced IT or leasing company to provide you with state of the art computers every few years. Depending on the terms of your agreement, your company may receive new computers as often as every year. This allows you to always have the latest technology as opposed to if you purchase the computers you will likely use them for longer and therefore they will be much more outdated.

Easier to Budget

With computer leasing, you are able to budget much easier than if you purchase your new computers all at once. This allows for you to have a set amount that you allocate each month for computers as opposed to a lump sum payment all at once. This can allow you to improve your cash flow significantly, which can help in other aspects of your business.

No Money Down

With many computer leasing programs, you do not have to put any money down towards the computers when you sign your agreement with an outsourced IT or leasing company. This allows you to only have to worry about the monthly payment, which is a benefit when cash is low for your business.

Leasing versus buying computers comes down to personal preference for a business owner. Even after looking at the benefits of leasing, some business owners prefer to purchase all of their equipment. This is fine, but it is important to have all of the information before making a large financial decision such as replacing your computers.


Fred Marsh

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