Has the Economic Downturn Made Your IT Obsolete?

If your business was hit hard by the economic roller-coaster of the past few years, you’re not alone. Here at Computer Experts Corporation we’ve seen many companies cut back on expenses — including those allocated for critical operations such as information technologies — in reaction to an uncertain economic climate. Unfortunately, this creates a huge problem in the long term, because the further your IT lags behind the times, the less productive, and profitable, your business becomes.

Of course, the economy itself doesn’t “make” any company’s IT systems and software fall behind the curve; that’s the result of either a conscious choice or unconscious neglect on the part of management. But when revenues dive and business looks bleak, something’s got to give, and in many cases that something has included allowing IT systems to skip much-needed maintenance and upgrades. As a result, we’re seeing lots of companies struggling with the fact that their current setup is incompatible with the latest hardware or software required by their industries, including accounting and legal firms, construction companies, and even NASDAQ. Well, the economy’s bound to snap back — but are you ready to catch it on the rebound?

Fortunately, getting your IT capability back up to current industry standards doesn’t require creating a whole new department or hiring your own tech staff. Nor do you have to spend huge chunks of valuable managerial time devising and implementing the necessary changes to hardware and software. CEC can evaluate your current systems, recommend the upgrades you need to make, make sure they’re done correctly, and then continue to manage and monitor them as needed. And we can do all this as an outsourced service for the utmost in cost-effectiveness and time management. We make it easy for companies just like yours to get themselves back in business!


Fred Marsh

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